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February 12, 2008



You've never seen Sixteen Candles, Stand By Me, Say Anything or Breakfast club? How can that be!! Put Drew to bed, we have some movie watching to do!


Of course we had a Lite Brite! and you've never seen a Freddy or Jason movie? we can't be related

laura vegas

that just took me back to my youth! lol! good times back then! you must go rent breakfast club and sixteen candles ... true classics! i was just talking about sixteen candles earlier today!

sadly, i just did the math from your first question ... and i'm realizing just how old i am! lol! for the record, in 1980 i was 10 yrs old!


So fun to reflect on the memories of the 80's... Some good and some not so great. = )


I can't believe you've never seen the Breakfast Club! You'd like it.
I have to comment on your current reading books- the children's books are all fabulous! I love Sheep in a Jeep! And I love the artwork of Sandra Boynton- the cats she draws remind me of Jonah...


ha,ha, that takes me back. You were too young for lots of that!

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