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February 09, 2008



I've been updating my blog... I will expect some hits as well from you. lol I do check daily even though sometimes I don't leave a comment. I was home sick today and tried several times to see an update. I was excited to at least see a new "Photo of the Day" lol!

P.S. What was my prize for updating my blog?


Yes, we need regular updates, if only "hi."


I love all your updates. Since I am home more now I can relate to the snow bound days but love that I do not have to go out if I don't want to.

laura vegas

your readers are still here! lol! ok, i have to know what "squall" weather means?!?!

i think after all my years of grocery work (in the pricing department no less), i know prices all too well. i never buy a single thing if it's not on sale. and i know what to buy at target, what to buy at walmart (even though i detest that store more than anything), and what to buy at the grocery store. i'm a walking deal database. lol!


I love reading your updates! I must say I have NO LIFE and I sign on at least daily! Keep the updates coming!


That kind of weather y'all have to deal with would be my own personal hell.

I just got a new bag yesterday! I'd been sort of looking (not much effort) lately, and I lucked into one yesterday... originally $65 marked down to $22! Woo! It's one of my standard utilitarian bags... you know me, no need for fancy.


I'll hit ya! I like a small purse, too. So don't worry about being the only one.
Susan (I'm in Maryland).

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