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February 14, 2008


laura vegas

what an awesome photo! he is the most adorable thing! nikolas started sitting up this week ... he's so cute all crawling around and sitting up, over and over. i just started giving him the puffs this week ... and he's doing the same thing. i put them on his tray thinking it'll keep him busy ... but he just sits and yells at me until i pop it in him mouth. what's up with that ... do these boys think we're there to serve them?!?! lol!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new picture!!!! He is getting so big (of course, my last check, Gabe was 18 1/2 pounds already - so he is catching up with Drew!)

I love all of your updates - They are great!


Happy 8th! *I'm coming for you...*


8 months?? How did that happen?! He is such a cutie! Love his little smile and cute top!

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