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May 31, 2006



OH MY GOSH SO FREAKING COOL. As you may recall, I boycotted the show after he was kicked off. I heart him so much; he will be a star.


Cool mom---you ARE cool.

I am very jealous...love your "he smells very good" comment. LMBO!

Oh, God, I am SO jealous! He is so hot! Your Mom IS the Coolest!

Found out he is moving to NW Guilford Co. in a more private location (and pricier). And I get all my coolness from my daughter, Erika. Cool mom


He is so dreamy... I hope your Mom doesn't mind that I have her and Chris as my wallpaper for the day on my computer... : )


Oh my goodness she is the coolest!

Amber Lee

Oh My God! Yes seriously, the coolest mom ever!!! Oh and that layout of yours totally rocks, deserves the praise most definately!


how cool is that!!! my mom would have no idea who he was ... she's never even watched AI!


Oh my heck! How cool!

I wonder if my mom would recognize Chris if she saw him? Taylor yes, but Chris? Hmmm...


FYI: I work for Prudential Carolinas Realty in Greensboro, which is the main city with McLeansville as a satellite town (where Chris is from). A co-worker of mine sold him his present house, so obviously he was in her office looking to sell this house, no clue as to where he is going, will find out tomorrow. The way I met him is that he had gone to the bathroom, and lost his way, he came past my office, and I SNATCHED him, hugged him, and got his autograph, then grabbed the camera and got some shots. If I did not know he was there, I would not have paid attention, he had on a hat and sunglasses. But you know how word spreads...He smells good and obviously works out. And he is very patient with everybody. Very Cool Mom


That is soooo cool! How did she met Chris? Where were they? Your mom is very cool!

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