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October 01, 2006



awesome pics as always! my favorite is the ferris wheel pic on your blog page---the wheel against that inky sky is so pretty! now, I have a serious fried dough craving!!!


Luckily, I guess, a friend of ours called as we were just getting in the car and told us how much traffic he saw heading to the fair and suggested we not go unless we wanted to spend the entire day in traffic with an anxious 5-year old and an inpatient 18-month old! So we went to a park instead and had the place to ourselves. Too bad though, I really enjoy that fair and missed last year too. Next year I am going on Thursday or Friday, or maybe it won't rain every day but Saturday and less people will have to go that day!

Barbara Collins

After you ate all that, did you visit the vomitorium?


It was closer to 3 hours from when we got into our car to leave to when we walked through the gate of the fair.

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