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January 16, 2007



I was hoping you were going to take some pictures. They are wonderful (as always).


What a wonderful post. I think I saw one very similar to it, but only a day earlier... not sure where though.


I'm glad they took care of the roads for you! much to your employer's dismay, I'm sure...they seem to prefer you risk your life to get to work. makes you appreciate having a job and all that.

Barbara Collins

Purty pictures, so glad the roads aren't bad!

laura vegas

those are awesome photos! i'm sure it's colder there were you are ... but we're freezing here in california. i think we set records for freezing temps the past few nights. low 20's ... so i'm sure it's worse elsewhere. but we're certainly not used to it. first time we've ever had an icy walkway to our doors ... as i discovered after totally slipping and landing on my back. lol!

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