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January 02, 2007


Laura Vegas

i just realized that i never commented on this ... i had started to and got distracted. lol! i remember when that bad weather hit last year ... remember you talking about how bad it was on the roads. i can't believe your company is like this though. what a stupid and senseless rule. maybe you could get some sort of emergency helicopter that could air-lift you from your house to your work. could be a tax write off for work purposes too! lol!

Barbara Collins

I guess there is no labor shortage there, that people will sacrifice their lives, children, vehicles, etc. I do not understand.

Barbara Collins

Remember what Karen said yesterday about her kids. They will make exceptions. You do what you think is safe and don't worry about the rest. You have way more to consider than Con-Glom-O Companies are not like that here, that I have heard of, everyone thinks all that is insane. Love mom


Yeah, that one had to be the best! It still baffles me. I tried to get to work but literally EVERY road I would have been able to take was closed. They are just too much.


Yet CT gets off work for an inch of the white stuff because "They don't want to drop their diamonds in the snow". Just goes to show that they think you are depensible. I think you're indepensible!

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