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February 13, 2007



That place is just plain disgusting. I am so fortunate that my employer is reasonable. We were told, be late and it won't count against you, if you want to go home early or not come in at all, that is fine, you just have to use your time. However, it will NOT count as an uplanned occurrence. I am SO thankful I don't work at Con-glom-o anymore!!!!


I'd work at McDonald's before I went back there. I'll take the death threats and physical beatings by the children at school if it means my bosses value my safety...on the roads at least.

laura vegas

i'm with jill ... the first thought i had was to dress in your finest and bulkiest winter attire! lol! i don't even know this company ... but after everything you've told us i'm ready to give them a piece of my mind (which i'm really good at over the phone! lol!).
stay safe!


you should wear sweatpants and a ski jacket to work tomorrow, along with the biggest boots you can find. they are certifiably nuts.

Barbara Collins

That's just crazy. That's too bad about the weather.


Folks! Erika is really writing the truth!

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