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March 02, 2007



"Maybe we'll all sleep a lot better now"...at least for a few months... :-)

jill barnett

your driving to work stories worry me! you be careful chica! we got a new mattress in the fall. I don't know if you have Sleepy's mattress store up there, but we went there and they seemed high (to me). we ended up getting a much more afforadable deal at sears on their brand, which is made by simmons (or sealy, not sure). it is very comfy :)

Barbara Collins

What a bad drive...but terrific about the new stuff! Happy shopping! Love mom


Tips for mattress buying from Consumer Reports Online, hope it helps....

Take 15 minutes and lie on the mattress in your usual sleeping positions.

Sales are frequent, discounts are steep, and no one should pay list price for a conventional innerspring mattress.

Good Luck

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