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April 07, 2007


laura vegas

i have got to make it to one of your crops! lol! not to scrap ... but to fill up my tummy! i'm a dessert girl at heart ... and yours look delicious! and to think ... i'm sitting here eating a bowl of "good&plenty" candy. not quite the same! lol!

barbara collins

I'm sure the punch was great! Looked good, along with everything else! Can't wait to see the album! Love mom


Hi E,

Had such a great time today--the food was to die for---if you don't watch it, we'll have to start calling you Martha! I'm so happy you like your album--we all put a lot of love into it.

You are just about one of the cutest pregnant people I've ever seen--your belly is so round! Can't wait to meet the little guy (and babysit too!)

Thanks again for an enjoyable time!
Luv ya,

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