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May 31, 2007


laura vegas

i just realized you said "gift bags" ... and not "gifts". lol! oh well ... my secret of regifting is out. lol! totally regift the bags though ... i have a gift bag full of gift bags in the garage. i just dug one out this morning for my daughters teacher's baby gift. i even thought while i was doing it ... "god forbid i ever bought a new bag!".


gift bags are totally made for re-gifting. I just got rid of my last wedding gift bag last week. As long as you don't give it to the same person it's totally fine!

laura vegas

i was wondering if you were off work yet. yay for you ... you need to get away from that crazy company. lol! do you think if it wasn't a law they would make you come in all the up to your due date?!?! "what, your water broke? well you still need to make every effort to get here and make an appearance before taking off to have a baby." lol!

and i totally think it's ok to regift something ... if you have extras then why not? don't tell anyone ... but i do it all the time with my kids stuff. so many bratz dolls, so little time ... so they get put away and pulled out when we have a last minute party!

barbara collins

They have a whole department for that?! Why am I surprised?

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