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May 25, 2007


laura vegas

btw ... one of my daycare moms was talking today about how a friend of her's just stole her baby name ... which was "drew". not that she's expecting ... guess she just wanted that name in case she had another kids someday. when she said it i thought the name "drew" sounded so familiar ... but couldn't think why. totally forgot about you. how bad am i?!?! lol!

laura vegas

sorry to hear it didn't work ... and didn't sound like much fun either. lol! also that your little one is already defying your wishes. lol! and the food doesn't sound too bad for hospital food ... where's the awesome, creative shot of your lunch? i know you could make hospital food look delicious! lol!


Sorry to hear that Drew isn't turning the right way. I was stubborn as well and my Mom had an emergency C-section for me. I'll be keeping the fingers crossed...

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