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June 06, 2007



I'll miss you... We should of done D'Angelo's or something. We'll celebrate when you get back. ; )


Wow, you finally get a break from Conglomo! You must be so excited! Just wanted to remind you to enjoy your last week of being Erika because you will soon be forever known as "Mommy"-but that's a very cool thing!

laura vegas

interesting! i guess that makes sense to want your time after the baby comes instead of before ... as long as you're still ok to work. i know when i had the girls (granted, this was 8 and 11 years ago. lol!) we got 4 weeks before the due date and 6 weeks after the actual delivery date. but i knew a friend that went out 4 weeks early and then had the baby right away ... so then her 6 weeks started. so really she lost out on time. i decided to have both my babies 2 weeks late ... that way i milked another 2 weeks out of the company. lol! although it would have been nicer to spend it with a baby around ... but anything to get away from the grocery business.

guess it's all different these days. and you gotta hope for a semi-decent company to help you out. some places are so generous. unfortunatly i don't think either of us found one of those places. lol! btw ... i was on disablitily most of that time ... so i wasn't getting nearly full pay either.

could be worst i guess ... if i had a baby now (which i certainly won't, that's taken care of. wink, wink!) i would get nothing. since i work for myself ... and i'm a crappy employer with no benefits! lol!

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