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June 11, 2007




I've been reading your blog for a while now. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck. It's been really great reading all of your stories, especially when I'm hoping to head down this path sometime soon. Good luck!


laura vegas

just noticed the "vintage erika" album. those are great pictures. i think i had a lot of the same outfits. lol!

laura vegas

laying in his own hammock. lol! that was too funny! hope you get all packed and ready to go ... so hard to think of everything, isn't it? i can't believe it's only 3 days away. i'm so excited for you!

barbara collins

You're on the home stretch! This is the week you become a mom and I become a grandma! So sorry you're uncomfortable, can't wait to see what the little guy weighs. Love you, mom

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