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September 26, 2007



I asked John for his input, since he is a hunter and knows the laws. He said to make sure the signs are 2" block letters and they have to have the name and address of the land owner written on them, and placed no more than a hundred yards apart. Also all hunters have to write their name and address on their arrows, if you come across one you could provide the information to the land owner and they could contact them and let them know the arrow was found on posted property. Also, any hunter on your property must show their license if asked by the land owner, which would have their name and address. Hope this helps.


Good for you! But please be careful as there are lots of nutjobs out there who don't respect other people---I was pretty shocked at the response to your email---there are plenty of other places people can hunt than in residential areas! Christina you need to be careful too---I remember a story where a woman about your age was shot and killed by a hunter right in her backyard--this was up in Maine---she was wearing mittens and the hunter thought they looked like a deer tail...


This morning I drove to the edge of our road (really our driveway) to pull out onto 101 there was a dead deer to the right of me. Poor thing. We've only seen two deer since we've been in Wilton and the two stick together. We also have a private hunting club on the next road over and we hear gun shots all the time during hunting season. It really can be scary when you hear those gun shots. Good luck and hopefully the hunters will be cooperative and leave the area.

laura vegas

just saw your new picture with your little "pumpkin"! love it!

laura vegas

how frustrating to get a response like that! my uncle has a cabin up in this small town right on the edge of a river. it has all these crazy nature-made waterslides and jumping areas along his property ... so all the locals come and hang out all over the posted land. signs all over ... fences they have to climb over to get around. and the local law enforcement really can't do much. so annoying to go up there for a vacation and have disrespectful people trashing all over your property. guess that's why we don't care to go anymore. lol!

hope it all works out! i'm sure dave will take care of it ... just like he protected you from the squirels (they were squirels weren't they. lol!)!

Barbara Collins

Good for you! That's awful, and the owners need to pay a little more attention to their property!

I'd be careful about confronting them, if you decide to. Grandma and my uncle Dwight got a shotgun pointed at them when they asked some to leave, and had to go to court.

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