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October 02, 2007



I am thinking of a pedicure right now... Wondering when I should go and do it before I head to Florida at the end of the month.

Tivo - Can't with without!

laura vegas

omg dave ... that is too funny! glad i wasn't the only one a little worried! lol!


Laura, thats EXACTLY what I thought when I heard she was taking Drew to the UPS store. Thankfully she brought him back.


I KNOW your brother-in-law saw the Office and can fill you in...I was stuck between House and Biggest Loser last night...

Dave the Chipmunk Hunter


laura vegas

you did not box up drew, did you?!?! ship him as a surprise to the grandparents or something. lol!

my girls hate when i delete their shows (but it's usually after they've watched them about 7 times. lol!). but that is why joe is not allowed to delete anything ... not even the shows that i don't watch. he just leaves it all there ... and i get an update every day to see what he's watched and what he hasn't. lol!

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