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November 13, 2007


laura vegas

i had to laugh at the papasan chair! alyssa's dad has 2 of them in his apartment ... and they have never actually been sat on. him and his roommate use them to put all the clothes on ... mainly clean clothes. he says why put laundry away ... just dump in on the papasan ... and when you need something it's right there. i think it's disgusting! lol! i hate that my girl has to sit and dig for her clothes like that when she's there. lol!

and i love the "romper room" thing! everytime i get all the baby stuff put away ... along comes a new daycare baby and i have to dig it all back out. i was just saying today that it's amazing all the huge pieces of equipment this one little person has in my house. lol!

barbara collins

That chair did take up a lot of room, Moby will miss it.

The Y sounds great!

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