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January 06, 2008



So jealous of the mexican food. Mexican food in Australia = oil and grease.

I had to giggle at your photo of the day as I bought a Baby Bjorn only yesterday. Though I need to borrow my niece to test it out! It looks very snuggly.

And congrats on the table. You might have to start a "clean kitchen table challenge".


I love guacamole, since they accidentally put it on my sandwich at Quizno's.

laura vegas

you hate musicals? i can't get enough of them! lol! toy organization can be such a challenge sometimes ... i'm constantly cleaning out my girls stuff because they have too much of it or just don't play with it or it needs a better system!

Barbara Collins

Good for you. Sounds like the snow doesn't put that much of a damper on you!

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