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February 28, 2008



Was that picture taken near Front St? I was driving down there heading towards downtown to Jason's work and thought my poor car was going to fall into pieces.


It's so great you had a visit with your Mom! I can't believe that was Drew's 1st restaurant visit! He looks like he was enjoying it...on a different note, I love those aged retro borders you put on the pics-tres cool!

laura vegas

was wondering where you disappeared too! lol! sounds like you had a great visit with your mom! and "yay" for having a handy, creative mom that can help with all the things you wanted to do and just didn't get to. love that in a mom! lol!

drew looks so mesmerized sitting there! lol! puffs and french fries ... what more could a kid ask for?!?! lol!


Holy Crap that's a huge pile of snow!! I want more snow pics, too!
I don't know what we'd do if we didn't take Gracie to restaurants- we'd probably starve! We're lucky she's so good when we're out- for now at least...


It's not AWFUL where you live, it's just so different to us down here. And you are having unusual snowfall. I had a great time!

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