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March 01, 2008



I just love your blog! You do a great job and I seriously check it like everyday (ok starting to sound like a stalker :) lol)I am so ready for spring, I am in MN where are you located? I have actually been kind of getting into couponing...it is tough though!

laura vegas

"couponing" ... sounds like a complicated hobby. lol! actually, i'm terrible with coupons ... i can never remember to use them. i was grocery shopping yesterday and sarah started pulling the coupons out of those dispensers that hang off the aisle. lol! i actually bought something that i could use one on ... and then totally forgot. i lost out on 75 cents! lol!

that pottery barn cover is gorgeous! i drool all over that catalog every time i get it! lol! i've been debating painting my walls some version of a light yellow ... just seems like it would be a happy color!


what survey sites did you sign up with? if it was anything like deal barbie or treasure trooper, those are not worth the time. I'm on a market research panel called Pinecone Research. For every survey you do (which takes about 5 mins) you get $5 into your paypal acct. Sometimes you get to try new products that have not yet been released (for ex I tried a new "flavor" of Sierra Mist). It doesn't sound like much but last month I made $35.

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