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March 09, 2008



*ahem* I need some baby pictures...


Hey Erika! this is Heather (from the notorious 2006 PKPT!) I am getting into the coupon clipping/grocery-saving/etc. thing and Laura Vegas emailed me and said to check out your blog since you are into it as well. thanks for the info! :) I hope you are doing great!!!


Thanks for sharing your new wealth of knowledge. I, too, am trying to train myself to be a master coupon shopper. You are far more advanced than I am (it seems) and your hints are helpful.

laura vegas

you have me totally intriqued with all this info! lol! although i realized today that the reason i don't ever look at the drug store ads is that ... i don't get any drug store ads! lol! apparently i don't get the good newspaper that has tons and tons of ads.

and yes, buying bigger does not always mean a better deal. like at the grocery store. most stores have shelf tags that have the cost breakdown by ounce or pound. like today i bought gatorade ... the 8-pks were on sale and seemed like a good deal ... but the 32 oz bottles were actually cheaper by the ounce.

and i'm a big stalker-upper ... whenever i find good deals i buy lots. that is why i bought 5 bottles of herbal essense conditioner last week ... they were 98 cents! now i just need the shampoo! lol!

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