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April 30, 2008



My name is Kelly, and I, too, am a GTA widow.

I feel your pain on the UTI. Glad you're getting that sucker knocked out.

I'm dorkily excited for the new CVS catalog this month :)


I agree with dave. It is refreshing to be able to PAUSE a game and not lose a days worth of work because you arent paying attention to other people online. GTA is amazing, we are both in the same boat.


A GTA (grand theft auto is a game for xbox or playstation) Widow is way way better than a WOW widow. You can walk away from GTA at any time, there are not other people to 'raid' with ect. Years ago I went through that phase of being addicted to games like WOW. Looking back now, it was horrible because it consumes your life and is no fun for the loved ones around you.


Ahhh, Grand Theft Auto... I am suffering from your same affliction. It actually currently the background noise to my blog reading. Godspeed :)


I hope your UTI decides to beat it soon. Those are the worst. PS, what is GTA? I am a WOW widow. but i'm not happy about that. so you're a better woman than I.


Barbara, after our winter, we are all more energized - even me.


You sound so much more energized now that spring is here!

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