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June 27, 2008



What a coincidence that I posted about this on this week.... You can check that out... My girls have started eating regular food gradually since 7 - 8 months old, and my youngest (who is now 13 months old) eats just about everything... There are just so little things that they cant eat.
Good luck!!

Claire (Dave's friend from work!)

Hi Erika!

Love your blog.

You could probably switch Drew from Gerber puffs to Cheerios at this point, they are less sugar and they are whole grain.

Has Drew tried Yo Baby! Yogurt yet? That is still a staple for us.

Drew is a cutie!


Making a scrambled egg is really quick and easy and when cooked in olive oil instead of butter is healthier for baby! Also, my son is big on diced muenster cheese, baked beans, mangoes, sweet potatoes (baked and cut up), YoBaby yogurt (we get the mixed berry and apple packs because they have a lot of iron and don't have gelatin), Earth's Best cereal bars, Cheerios, and tonight I even let him try a tiny bit of my mushroom pizza, all cut up and he liked it. It's not something I'll give him a lot of, though! Recently he tried and enjoyed this lentil- bulgur wheat- onion mix that my mum made for us, and I'll give him occasional bites of my Boca Burgers and other veggie products like that.


Hey Erika... As you know Emma is around the same age as Drew and she has been eating and loving green beans and sweet potatos for months now. She picks at the stuff that her parents eat and for lunch they do those baby dinners. Good Luck. I know he will let you know what he likes!!!

laura vegas

dave, you're funny! i'll sit there and make the daycare babies these big lunches ... and my husband is like "why don't you make me anything like that?". lol!

nikolas hasn't eaten baby food in a few months now. breakfast is usually waffles or pancakes, bananas, some cheerios or apple jacks. lunch is hot dogs (i know some people aren't big on the hot dogs, but the kids love them and they're easy. lol!), mac n chs, noodles, green beans (new fav), cut up pears/apples/grapes, crackers. he's also loving raisins/craisins ... and the occasional cheetos. lol!


Cripes, the kid eats more than I do!!

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