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February 04, 2009


laura vegas

i do the same thing ... toss everything onto the tray as i get it ready. lol! i am all for making them learn to eat at mealtime ... and not give them snacks afterwards, just because THEY decided not to eat their breakfast/lunch. it's hard to explain to them sometimes ... but i always tell them it was their choice NOT to eat their meal, and that they'll just have to wait until the next official meal before getting more food. although, i do think it's easier when it's not your own kids ... i can be pretty tough with the daycare kids. lol!


Sounds like you have found a solution, at least for now.


When I was little and didn't eat my dinner Mum would bring back my leftovers for the next meal, yummo! So glad to hear that the divided plate idea is working as I have an addiction for them. Am I crazy?

On the battle front, I think it will be an 18 year war. Boys are good at eating parents out of house and home = )

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