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October 29, 2009



Very cute idea and something they can both look back on and laugh about! Sweet memories.


Look at him smiling in it. I remember when you did Drew.. hard to believe he once fit in it. And I love that you carved pumpkins with Drew.. maybe next year for my two.


Erika, I loved it when you posted Drew's pumpkin picture way back when and could not wait to see Parker. Love the pictures.


I love this tradition. Here a pumpkin like that would be about $60, if you could find one that is!

Parker really looks like he is having fun. I love seeing those cute little baby legs sticking out.


I was hoping you'd get one of Parker in the pumpkin! I still think it is priceless!


He so just so cute. Just want to eat him up.


I LOVE those pictures - they are great!


my fav is the 1st one! that boy always looks like he's having the time of his life-can't wait to see him and Drew this weekend!
(and you too!)


Hehheh! Parker looks happier about it than Drew did!

laura vegas

awwwww! so adorable! i remember when you did this with drew! love that first shot ... it's perfect!

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