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December 27, 2009



oh my, the deviled eggs. I am alergic to eggs but I do remember people tossing those things. Back in the day when I could eat eggs, I love them with a bit of mayo, mustard and horseradish (someone in my family does that, but NO SALT). I think the poor girls name was Becky??? Anyway, the funny part is she only made the eggs because she had a fantastic deviled egg dish!! Hahaha. Bet you missed that part.


At Hanafords they had a recipe for those meatballs with baskets of grape jelly and chili sauce with the recipe. My aunt made those meatballs for Christmas eve and I just adored them!


gma Faye used to make thousand island with chili sauce and mayo


I knew Sara was the weinie expert!

Erika Follansbee

´╗┐Thanks, Sara!! I should have asked you in the first place! If I can find the right stuff I may have to do a New Year's Eve re-do. I'm going to a different grocery store today so I'll look for the Heinz there, maybe they have it.
Yeah, it was NOT good with the Thai sauce, but everybody was too nice to say so. And Dave had a bad cold so he couldn't taste it anyway. :)


oh, and use the lil smokies weinies, too! =)


From the cocktail weinie expert: Heinz makes Chili sauce, near the ketchup. I can imagine it wasn't good with the Thai chili sauce- woo- that stuff's got a kick!

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