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March 25, 2010



Congrats!! I was just telling someone I work with the other day that you should be taking food photos for Food Network magazine or something! You are the best photographer I know and I know that more people will see your work and agree with me soon enough


Ummm....I was checking your blog (of course) and I just happened to read my comment and I meant to say "I can't WAIT to see this dream unfold". Yes, I am a nerd who types to fast and then when I proof the preview, reads to fast too! lol


Oh how exciting! I can't to see this dream unfold for you! My dream job? Running my own flower shop. The Crazy Daisy. I can see the store front window in my head. I actually made prom wrist corsages for the HS neighbor years and years ago. They turned out so great!

laura vegas

huge congrats erika! you always have gorgeous photos ... but i've always thought that your food photos are by far your best work. you're perfect for that kind of work! so cool that you have all these fun shoots lined up ... such variety!

love dave's dream job to be a UPS driver. who doesn't love the UPS driver ... they bring you fun boxes and don't expect anything in return. lol!


Congrats! Well deserved!


So glad and proud of you...Rosa just said she wanted your life!


That's awesome! Congratulations!
I have to say, since I decided to be a teacher, I always wanted to be an elementary science teacher, but there aren't a whole lot of those around. But, I got it, and it really is my perfect job!

Martha Walters/The Black Forest CAfe

you are as excited to take pictures for us as we are to see your photos on our facebook fan page. It is really great to get unsolicited appreciation of what we do. Thanks Erika!


How cool is that??! I can't wait to see the website. Sounds like you'll be quite busy. Congrats!


Congratulations!! How exciting. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you know people love and appreciate your work. I once won an award for a film I made so I know that feeling and it's a little beyond words.

I have a bit of secret ambition to do voice overs on animated movies.


Congratulations Erika! I knew when you made me that amazing photo book of Ben when he was born, that you were destined to be a photographer.



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