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June 29, 2010



Thank you for photo-shopping my gut out of the picture. What a fun day


I love your porch and party decor! Happy 3rd Birthday to Drew!

We had a bowling set like that for our older boys. So fun! Soon enough, the brothers can help each other set up the pins.

I would love for Miranda and Drew to be buddies. Bummer its too far for a playdate. lol


Sounds like Drew had a fantastic party. I love the photo of Drew looking at the tree on the cake.

Your porch looks like the best place to be. It almost looks like you have postcards stuck on the windows, the yard looks that lovely!


Happy Birthday Drew! Such a great theme for a party and that cake is so creative! I want one for my birthday! It is so cute seeing all the kids sitting together, Drew is really growing up!


So glad he had a good time. Sorry they can't come visit more often.

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