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August 30, 2010



Okay, I just went back and read this again and immediately LOL'ed when I read your comment..."smelled like death and ass."

HEHEHEHEEEEEE. That was classic.


between that and the egg thing, I think we should just start a farm and grow our own food. Then we know where the eggs and chicken in the broth come from.


Kelly, you are a NUT. Erika, that is pretty darn nasty. ewwww.


That is dirty. *blech*

I would be sorely tempted to start making my own broth after that.

And I would definitely call Swanson! Shoot, I lodged a complaint with Ben and Jerry's when my ice cream had a hollow spot in the middle :)


Yuck! I'm sorry your meal was ruined! I'd be so pissed.

I saw that Capri thing. What ever happen with that?

Thanks for the food advice too. I will be watching my cans.

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