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September 10, 2010



When I taught day care, one of the children sat chris cross on a chair, pulled his arms inside his shirt and proceeded to loose his balance. He fell head first into the tile floor. He had an egg on his head for days that drained and gave him black eyes. It happens to ALOT of kids!


They always say bumps are better than dents! Poor kid. And you guys!


YIKES! So glad he is okay. Poor fella (and poor mommy and daddy!)


Oh my!!! That takes me back a lot of years. And I agree it is gut wrenching! Becca was about the same age...maybe a little older. We were at my mom's house, she was walking through the dining room (linoleum)which had a dip in the middle. The kids always half ran down to the middle and then struggle to walk up the other side. When she got to the living room, she tripped over the little carpet lip at the doorway and fell head first into the back of the couch and hit the bottom of the FRAME! The egg appeared INSTANTLY!!! Craig was with me and where I am sort of calm, he is not. She was crying (obviously) but got more hysterical when she saw his reaction. We proceeded to run (literally-we didn't have a car with us) all around College Point trying to find someone that could look at it. Found a friend who is an RN, she said to put ice on it and watch her for any signs of concussion. Cannot begin to tell you the uproar!!! Kids are amazing! (If I can find the pictures, I will send them.) Hang in there. With two boys, there is bound to be another egg somewhere down the line.

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