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January 14, 2011



I'd love a price listing when they're ready. I'll check the blog. One day I'd love to do pictures of all of us.. something better than Sears! ha ha. I am now craving Margaritas!


Love the look of the margarita. I don't drink so am always on the lookout for "mocktail" versions.

I can't imagine what it must be like to be stuck inside so long with snow. That's not an issue here. Although we have had so much rain (and flooding) that we have been cooped up inside the house much more than would ever occur and it really does affect your mood.

Sounds so exciting with your business. And I'm sure the printer makes the world of difference. I imagine for photographers in your neck of the woods the winter is the toughest time of year. Maybe you could concentrate on taking pictures of yummy cozy looking casserole and curry meals.


A post on the boys would be welcome!


I'll book you for E's 3-year photos if you plan to be back down here this summer! :)

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