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February 25, 2011



Good for you! I'm in the same boat- I'm not considered overweight, but all my weight goes to the SAME places and piles up there, so my clothes weren't fitting for a few months. Of course, here I sit, stuffing Thin Mints in my face...
I can highly recommend Applebee's if you get a chance to eat out- they have meals done with the points, and they're all pretty tasty (for Applebee's!). Good luck!


You are too funny! ...and I luv the new turkey banner!


Well I care about the gory details! The only advice I have is switch all your carbs (even crackers and pasta) to 100% whole wheat. That's the only thing that's keeping my 25 pounds off now I have to start moving! Let me know if you find a secret to like the fruits and veggies. That's my BIG downfall!

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