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March 11, 2011



I'm a big homer for WW now... but from my 2 month WW experience, here are some things that worked for me. I broke my pt allowance into parts of the day (11 for morning, 11 afternoon, etc). That helped me spread them around and keep mental track better. My shopping cart is now 75% fruits and veg. Look for hints on the site for foods which are awesome, but I wouldn't think are low points (my favorites: lauging cow wedges 1 point and Corona Lite 2 points).


That's what I told her, Dave.

Cutey pics!


You're doing great sticking to the points! It doesn't help you refuse to eat fruits and vegetables, which are pretty much 0 points :)


Ella runs around naked before her bath. I turn on the water, she strips down, and literally runs in circles around me while I stand in the middle of the room. Nutty kid.


What IS it with kids and being naked?! G is the same way. Loves to bathe, and loves to run around naked afterward. Barely lets me get her dry first (can we say cat hair stuck to a wet child?).

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