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March 23, 2011



Erika, I'm sorry to hear of Drew's diagnosis. I have always thought he was a great kid-very sweet,affectionate and smart. I'm always flattered to get a hug from him. Seriously, you and Dave are amazing,dedicated parents and Drew has been fortunate to have early intervention. The support team you have will continue to guide you. I am positive a day will come where Drew will overcome this.


Thank you all for your kind words and support--it's wonderful to not feel alone in this whole thing! We're excited and hopeful to get him started in additional therapies soon, and we're so glad and grateful that we started this whole process so early. Even without the diagnosis he's been in early interventions since 25 months and that has been the reason why he's done as well as he has.


Erika, I'm not sure what to say. I feel like I've gotten to know you a bit through your blog. Drew is so lucky to have you both as loving parent's who do everything they possibly can to get him the help he might need.


You know I am always here for you too, with whatever you need, whether it be some time for you to visit by yourself, or for some dog time for Drew! They say animals are very therapeutic so any time you (or he) would like to visit again, just let me know! My door is always open to you all! Hugs and love to everyone!!!!!


I can only imagine what you are feeling right now. I'm so glad that you all have a great support system and it sounds like Drew is going to continue to thrive with even more interventions available for him! Just remember Drew is still Drew diagnosis or not, it doesn't change who he is! I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers in the coming days.
We may be headed toward an autism evaluation ourselves, the special ed preschool Eli is in has not pushed us to get it done so far, but his pediatrician thought at one point he could be at least borderline. Drew being diagnosed makes me think we should start that process, since I always read your blog posts and Drew and Eli sound so much alike.


I'm sure it's a confusing and scary time right now. It sounds like Drew's in the best possible hands. Call me if you need to be in 'good hands'. I'm a great listener and as you know I deal with children with Autism frequently. Call or write if you need anything. Love you and the family!


Hi Erica... Not sure what to say other than we are
here for you. It sounds like you have a great support
system and a great school district to help Drew succeed and
develop. xoxo


Ditto to Brooke's first sentence. I have always enjoyed your blog and family updates. I will continue to enjoy them with friendship and support from my corner of the internet! :)

I know nothing about Autism whatsoever but it seems to me that you are getting the kind of care and environments he needs.

Hugs to you all!

laura vegas

i don't know what to say erika. i'm sure this diagnosis wasn't what you were hoping to hear. it is sad, and i'm sure it's a lot to digest and take in. but i know that you and dave have done all you can, to get him the best help in the areas that he needed it. and you have been so lucky to have amazing help, and people that truely care about drew and support him.


I think I would cry too, but it sounds like you have the most wonderful people and support around for your family and Drew. I don't know a lot about Autism and to be honest my son has a lot of those same issues. Not sure if you know but Ali Edwards son, Simon has Autism. I'm sure her blog would be a good resource for you and I've always found she has time to answer any questions.

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