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August 29, 2011



Oh my gosh. What sweet pictures. It's funny looking back on things, isn't it? Being a mom the second time around I think you get to enjoy so much more. There is nothing in the world like a sibling bond.


Love this! (I'm still not having another one, though) =)


Lovely post!


Such sweet boys -- and a wonderful Momma, to boot! And I'm sure Dave is awesome, too :-) I hope that these two continue to grow and learn and play together for years and years to come.

Dangerous stuff, though, because now you have me debating whether or not I need a second kiddo in MY life!


A great post Erika! I think with kids whatever stage is your "here and now" is the BIG deal. But it is funny that when it's over you wonder why it really mattered. We waited so long to have Simon because we were so happy with Brian. We too think that having Simon was the best thing for his big brother. Now I'm at the "do we stop or do we try for one more" stage. I want a girl too, but I kind of feel I'm destined to be a Mumma to boys. And I love that our boys will grow up together.

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