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November 03, 2011



That is so awesome! I am impressed with the reading- wow!


Wow! Way to go Drew!! Such a wealth of information in your post that all parents should know. One thing I've learnt is that kids with ear infections tend to have poor speech. Typically they are hearing muffled words at the time they are developing their speech. It's amazing the connections between things.

Do you guys have a lot of Wiggles merchandise over there? I've always wondered that.


It makes me happy too!

Annie DiVello

Erika it makes me so happy to read about all of Drew's progress!


I have kids in fifth grade that don't know the difference between now and know, Drew could teach them a thing or two.

I need to tell you about a student I have, he is so amazing and hilarious, but it's a long story, you'll laugh, cry, pee your pants...I'll save it for your next visit.

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