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February 05, 2012


erin yamabe

Hi Erika,
I cannot for the life of me recall who told me about you and your blog, but sure am thankful they did! My name is Erin, and our youngest, Mari was diagnosed with PPD-NOS, Autism last July. And I love reading about your son and his achievements and thank you very much for sharing! We are so grateful for her speech and OT therapists, and are in the process of finding a behaviorlist for her…
much love and many blessings to you and your family!


Jimmy, the student with autism I worked with last year, knows the name of every hurricane, past present and future, how much damage they caused, what year your name may come up in the rotation, and the tropical storms. He also can tell you who in the class has been absent that year, down to the dates. He blows my mind. While I was working with him, we had him tested for the AG program, and he qualified. He went from a self-contained classroom for kids with autism in third grade to a regular classroom in fifth grade, needs no special ed, and is in the AG program. But you can't mess with his schedule, it stresses him out, that and loud noises like assemblies, but then he just wears headphones and he's all good. Jimmy is my hero, for real.


Wow!! Way to go Drew. Make sure you show him the level and aisle numbers in the parking lot! I always forget those!


That is so cool! I am so fascinated by the way some kids' brains work. It's awesome that you guys have figured out some of how he ticks.

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