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December 14, 2012


Erika Follansbee

Great deals at Goodwill, Deb! I love that place. Its hit or miss,
but when its HIT, its amazing!


Wow, are those ever pretty! Nice to see you posting again. I too, had a great find at Goodwill. Not in the silver sparkly shoes category.. but I did find some Ugg boots, barely worn for $15! I got home and checked their site because I was curious to see how much they'd cost full price and they are $220 (as if!) I also found a great kids table that I've been searching for forever and only paid $6.


Love these and love that they were a bargain. That always makes things better in my book = ) I did kind of like the pinkness to the other shoes but I never know what goes together!! I once was trying on a dress and had to put on some heels with it to see how it looked. They were baby sized heels and I couldn't stand up!!

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