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December 02, 2012



This post made me laugh!! So funny how Drew did not like it at all. We finally caved and bought Eli the plush version since I didn't want to spend the $30 on the real thing with the book. Eli already knew how it worked anyway...he loves it, but he gets upset that he can't cuddle with it, since it said on the box that you could. Whoops.


I don't think boys get into something like that so much.


Owh. I hope they get into it. We can only purchase them online here and I was thinking about snapping up a deal for next year. Happy I read your post though!

I bet next year they will remember. This year as I pulled an old towel out of the closet Brian said "owh, that's to go under the bottom of the tree" (so we can slide it in place). How does he remember that stuff? We have a little note in the Christmas tree box to remind us!

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